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The Russian women of St. Petersburg - Finding Love in Russia?

Finding Love in Russia
Learn more about Russian women
What means meeting a foreign man for russian women
Meeting a Russian woman 
List of major names and their pet names

Finding Love in Russia

Probably each of us wants to find love, but not any love, the great and true love, the one that occurs only once in life. But, this is not always easy for everyone. Some find it quite easily and manage to keep it the whole life, while others have less success. 

The reasons are numerous. However, it may be that the partner of ones life - the one who is intended to us and that we have not met yet - lives in another country. This is the reason why for meeting him it is necessary to make special steps.

This is the purpose of international dating services, particularly as ours. By using our services you are sure you can concentrate your search to only free women who - like you - would like to create a stable union. Being particularly motivated and finding no partner in their countries, these women have decided to expand their research and to be given a chance with men from other countries. 

To help you learn more about the women of Russia and how they live, we have prepared this brief guide below. Please feel free to ask any questions about it.


Learn more about Russian women 

According to a widely accepted view, Russian women are generally more motivated to create a stable family that most women around the world. Throughout history, Russian women have always maintained the unity of the family, thus creating the comfort and stability of home, and providing care and comfort to all their relatives. The main values of Russian women have always been children, family and home. The emancipation of women failed to divert the standards that had developed over the past centuries. Even women with the most active professional lives have kept an inner desire for a happy family based on love, with an attentive husband, children, and a warm family atmosphere. Unfortunately, the social circumstances often divert women - from all countries, and not only in Russia - to get what they want. But despite all the obstacles, especially Russian women retain an attractive appearance, an impeccable sense of style, a high level of education and great communication skills. Regardless of their age, they know to stay physically fit, to be very feminine and beautiful! 



What means meeting a foreign man for russian women  

Many Russian women have chosen to meet a foreign man for a long-lasting union and creating a family. This illustrates their openness of mind, their mobility and how they are active. As for Western men, particularly French men, they have always appreciated the beauty and style of women from Russia. They are looking for a woman who will be all rolled into one: their love, their best friend and their partner in life, a woman who can share with them the difficulties and joys of life. They want a woman who will support them morally and understand them. In exchange, these men are open and they will listen to them, they are ready to give them all their love, their friendship, their attention, their respect and understanding.


Meeting a Russian woman 

You must take into consideration the distance, the language and cultural differences. but it is nothing compared to the life of happiness that you may have in the future!

Here are some general tips: First, what you should do to catch the attention of the lady you like, then the mistakes to avoid.

1- Be realistic! Choose ladies who are nearly the same age as you, or not more than ten years difference. Marriages with a large age difference are an exception in St. Petersburg! It might be nice to have a woman twenty years younger than you, but you must question yourself if such a relationship can last. 

2- Choose women that you find acceptable to be your wife, and not just those who are incredibly beautiful. There are a lot of women who are much more beautiful in real life than on photos.

3- The moment of the first meeting is very important. Be prepared psychologically to give the best possible image of yourself, while trying to remain natural. 

4- If you choose a date for your trip to St. Petersburg this must be based on your availability. Do not worry about the weather and the season. There is no bad weather or a bad time to be present when The Love of your life calls you. 

5- The difference in language is not an insurmountable barrier. If you like a woman and if she speak neither your mother tongue, nor a common foreign language with you (e.g. English), there are always solutions. In the initial encounters an interpreter can help you, and then if a woman loves you, she will learn your language very quickly. Of course, it would also be very kind of you if you decided to learn her mother tongue ; she would be very sensitive to the fact that you can say a few words in Russian.

6- Some tips on the meeting of Russian women and customs in Russia:
- Do not shake hands or kiss someone across the threshold of the door, people believe that it brings misfortune.
- If you offer flowers, make sure the number is odd; an even number of flowers is for funerals.
- Remove your shoes at the entrance of an apartment or a house; you will be given a pair of slippers - This is for keeping the floor clean.
- If you are invited at someone for dinner, it is seen good to offer a bottle of wine, a cake or flowers. It is a tradition not to arrive with "empty hands". If there are young children, it is appreciated to offer them a small gifts or candies.
- Whistling in an apartment or a house should be avoided as it is thought to brings bad luck.
- In Russia, it is common for a man to have to pay the restaurant bill, and the taxi bill for the return of the woman at home. A man should always propose a woman to settle her bill.
- It is also good culture to help a woman with her chair at a restaurant and to take off or put her coat. 

7- When you meet a Russian woman and to show her that you pay her close attention. It will be very much appreciated that you call her by her pet name. She will be extremely sensitive to this. (Note that pet names are widely used by the Russians.)

Here is a list of the major women's names with their related pet names:

Anastasia  - Nastasia, Nastya, Nastenka
Aleksandra - Sasha, Sashenka
Anna  -  Anya, Annushka, Aneshka
Daria  -  Dasha
Ekaterina  - Katerina, Katya
Elena - Lena, Lenochka
Eugenia - Zenya, Zenechka
Galina  - Galya, Galechka, Galenka
Irina  - Ira, Irochka, Irisha
Julia  - Julechka, Julenka
Larisa  - Lara, Larochka
Lidiya  - Lida, Lidochka
Lubov  - Luba, Lubochka
Ludmila - Mila, Luda, Ludochka
Margarita  - Margo, Rita, Ritochka
Maria - Masha, Machenka
Marina - Marinochka
Nadejda  - Nadya, Nadenka
Natalia - Natasha, Natashenka
Nina - Ninochka
Olga  - Olya, Olenka
Svetlana  - Sveta, Svetochka
Tamara - Tamarochka
Tatyana  - Tanya, Tanechka, Tanysha
Valentina - Valya, Valenka, Valusha
Vera  - Verochka
Veronika - Nika, Vera, Vika
Zinaida  - Zina, Zinochka


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