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A parts of real life: About two Russian woman and Marriage Agencies


Russian Woman Marriage Agencies represent a rather new phenomenon, since they did not exist at all twenty years ago. They have that particularity of proposing encounters with ladies from a certain part of the world, namely Russia and peripheral countries as for example Ukraine and Belarus. So we can question what was the reason of the reprising of those agencies, and why do they focus on women from this area of the world. We are going to explicit that by the concrete examples.

Irina was graduating in the late 80's to become an English teacher, a profession which could bring a good position in life because in the time of Communism in Russia, education meant something and graduated people were assured to receive post. So Irina was practically guaranteed a work of teacher when she finishes her studies. Moreover the salary she would receive would allow her a correct living. However the late 80's corresponded with the fall of the Iron Wall, and the beginning of the 90's saw the disintegration of the USSR and the end of Communism in Russia. Those events shook and transformed radically the full social structure of the involved countries. As a result the budget of countries like for example Russia, Ukraine, Belarus become tight, and there was not sufficient money to pay all public expenses, such as the salaries of civil servants like teachers. Consequently they were not always paid in time and the money they received every month tended to become less and less. And that is without considering that schools recruited less teachers. Another phenomenon of that crisis was the full scale economic crisis in the entire country, the GDP plummeted by nearly 20% in several years. The yearly salaries rise did not follow the inflation rise and consequently the salaries received by civil servants meant each year less and less.

Returning to the particular case of Irina, newly graduated in the early 90's, she had difficulties to get a job as a teacher in a school, and the proposed wages were rather small because of the double phenomenon we saw higher, that is to say: inflation and high public deficit. So we can begin to understand why Irina, during these difficult years of hers was entitle to think of a better future by marrying a men from abroad. She also had advantage of knowing well the English language which could help her in that purpose.

In the some time, having a knowledge of the difficulties of Russia and aware of the charm of Russian Women, agencies were created particularly in the USA and Europe promoting unions with slavish ladies. In these conditions,we understand how Irina could register easily in such a marriage agency. She did it at an agency which had an office in St Petersbourg and advertised in a local newspaper.

Now, let's give another example of this phenomenon: The one of Natasha,40, mother of one son 10 years old and of one daughter 15. years old. In 1995 she had been working for 20 years in a large industrial company which produced mechanical parts for the auto industry. During this particular time of economical hardship the company experienced its first difficulties and had to dismiss half its workforce, and Natasha was on of them and became unemployed. She has been divorced for 7 years, so she was alone to raise her two children ; her ex-husband did not have any contact with her and therefore did not held her financially. Moreover, as the finances of the country were very poor, she did not receive any unemployment benefit. It was when reading a newspaper that she fell on an ad telling about marrying a nice man from France. There was a telephone number. She composed it and was answered by a man who made an appointment with her the following day ; she went and registered in that marriage agency.

Many example can be given of women giving their data to marriage agencies proposing marriages with men from the West (mostly the USA and Europe). But one has to question how many of them met somebody and how many actually married. This is difficult to know as long as there are very few official data on the subject. If it is to believe Western marriage agencies, the success rate is high and every year several thousand marriage are celebrated. However, it is evident that as a means of promoting their efficiency, agencies have interest to for the numbers to be high and certainly tend to exaggerate the reality.

The stories of Irina and Natasha are rather illustrating of the reality: Irina received only 3 proposals in spite that she is very pretty, high educated and without children ; she met 2 men in St Petersbourg and only one of them pleased her ; She finally married him 2 years after the first meeting and now is in France. As for Natasha, it was much more difficult ; she did not received any serious offer ; all proposed men were much too old - older by 20 years or even more - and she totally did no see herself living with a man nearly the age of her father. Even if this men could offer her a good living.

As a conclusion, let's say that of course those Russian women marriages agencies have grown in number. But it is a fact that their impact on migration of population has been rather limited ; not so many unions have been created in percentage of the population. One has to keep in mind that love has very little to do with the standard of living.


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